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A Selection of Demo reels

Since I work in two markets/languages and enjoy both comedy and drama,

I have a selection of different demo reels below - so you can choose what you are interested in :-)

If you would rather look at single clips, they can be found in the video clip section. 

Demo reel

A mix of both dramatic and comedic clips in different accents and dialects, both in English and Norwegian.

Longer Showreel

A longer version of the demo reel. 

The Comedic reel

A selection of clips from
productions I've worked on.

The dramatic reel

A mix of clips from some drama series and films I've worked on.

The english reel

For you who don't speak Norwegian and prefer to watch clips in English.

den norske reelen

Et utvalg av klipp med ulike dialekter
jeg har spilt på i film og tv.

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